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UpFront Cash- Pay before the Procedure

With high deductible plans and coinsurance, patients are responsible for paying a significant portion of medical bills. No one likes surprise medical bills. To prevent none payment or significant delays in payment, up front estimates determine the amount patients owe and allow them to pay in advance of the procedure or service. This prevents angry patients and improves the timing of payments. Moving the Process Up-Front! Our Upfront estimator recommends the proper billing codes, checks the patient insurance, checks what insurance has paid for this procedure, calculates an estimate, generates an estimate statement, and allows the patient to pay online or in the office. This process also prevents insurance payment issues.
Hospitals or surgical centers generate estimates for everyone involved in the surgery, even when they are working for different legal entities. The patient gets one consolidated estimate and each organization collects payments independently. Physicians and hospitals are able to offer payment plans and collect estimated payments before or at the time of service, which keeps administrative costs low and allows patients to spend less time in the office. Patients are sent text and/or email notifications. “UP-FRONT” enhances patient satisfaction, avoids unexpected surprises and improves cash flows. 

How it works: 

          1. Make or Request an Appointment. Using the Enablemyhealth calendar allows
patient problems and diagnosis to easily be entered. Existing patient registration and appointment calendars in other systems can be used by exchanging this information with Enablemyhealth, so existing work flow does not need to change.

           2. Validate Insurance. With an appointment set, insurance information is electronically validated.  

           3. Generated Medical Estimate Based on insurance information, patient problems (diagnosis), and type of appointment, our patent pending UpFront engine selects the most likely billing codes for the patient visit, treatment, test or procedure.  Once the estimates are reviewed for accuracy and billing changes are made, the estimate is sent to the patient with custom notifications via voice call, text message, and/or email.

          4. Patient Reviews Estimate and Pays Patients securely access the estimate either prior to their appointment or that day or anytime they owe.

          5. Collect Payments. Patients are then prompted to make credit/debit card or ACH payments. Organizations have the option of providing payment plan options to the patient

          System Interfaces. Patient registration, appointments, diagnosis, billing codes, payments, and balance Information can be exchanged with existing practice management or hospital information system. 

         6. Insurance and Plan Database and Contract Management. A centralized Insurance and payer plans database is provided to track which insurers and plans a provider is contracted with as in network.