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The Secret to GE's Success

William E. Rothschild

McGraw Hill -2007


Introduction. The Five Ingredients of GE’s 126-Year Success ix

               Part I. “Living Better Electrically”:

               GE’s First Stage, 1879 to 1939 

          Chapter 1. Selecting the Wrong Technology 

          Chapter 2. Becoming the Leader 

          Chapter 3. Seeking Advice and Sharing the Wealth 

          Chapter 4. Staying No. 1 

               Part II. Diversification and Decentralization:

               GE’s Second Stage, 1940 to 1970 

          Chapter 5. Winning the War 

          Chapter 6. Decentralized Growth 

          Chapter 7. Professional Management 

          Chapter 8. The Conversion of Ronald Reagan 

          Chapter 9. GE Can Do Anything It Wants to Do 

               Part III. Portfolio Leadership:

               GE’s Third Stage, 1971 to 2001 

         Chapter 10. Admitting Mistakes 

         Chapter 11. Pruning and Divesting 

         Chapter 12. Nothing Is Sacred 

         Chapter 13. GE’s Cultural Revolution 

                Part IV. “Back to the Future”:

              GE’s Fourth Stage, 2001 to the Present 

         Chapter 14. Go BIG! 

         Chapter 15. More Cultural Changes 

         Chapter 16. Success Factors 

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