Without Technology Medicine would be in the dart ages. These are some examples of how technology has enabled "Medical practitioners" to increase our longevity.

Instrumentation- x-rays, CT, MRI and other devices has help to DIAGNOSE and TREAT critical conditions and it continues to evolve

Treatment- the availability of new devices to monitor and track major problems ranging from the head to the foot has prevented and treated major illnesses.

These are well known and documented and almost every American and those in developed nations know without them prolonging not only years but the QUALITY of LIFE has improved.

But over the past decade TECHNOLOGY has also permitted the HEALTHCARE providers and organizations to survive and prosper as well.

  • Today, Patients can increase their information and ability to manage their wellness and health, via INTERNET portals and apps.
  • They can shop for the providers and set up appointments.
  • They can share their health history with all their desired providers and hopefully assure it is secure (though this is a continuing challenge to assure security)
  • They can estimate the cost of the services and procedures and even "price comparison".
  • They can negotiate payment.

New programs are being developed and offered that will monitor progress, motivate and reward successful execution of their personally developed Wellness plan.

In short, TECHNOLOGIES are in ALL phases and elements of Healthcare and Wellness.

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