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To be successful any strategy must have the RIGHT team, reward and measurement systems. In order to know the right team I use lief cycle and strategic leadership types as a way to specify the team, rewards and measures. These are a few examples:

Aggressive growth/ Risktaker Leadership team:

  • Innovative, creative development team that is willing to test, modify and adapt their designs or specifications. They must continually challenge what exists and accept both success and failure.
  • Missionary marketing and sales people who truly believe in what they are selling and able to communicate to both existing and potential clients and customers. They need to be rewarded for gaining and maintaining MARKET SHARE.
  • Product team must be able convert prototypes into quality production and assure there are no stockouts.
  • Financial team that can get the funds required to grow rapidly and with risk.
  • Legal team able to defend the patients and copyrights and litigate when needed.

Selective, profitable growth led by caretaker leaders team:

  • Product development and technical team must be able to continually innovate and add "user oriented features and improvements. They must know how their costs care to their competitors and seek to reduce costs as they progress. Quality must be defined from the customer and competitive prospective not just some internal measure. 
  • Marketing and sales team must build an long term relationships and continually assess their problems, needs and desires. They must define market share and track and monitor existing and emerging competition.
  • Production must be able to meet market needs, have few or no stock outs, and assure that the quality is consistent with customer expectations and needs. Again reducing costs while maintaining quality is critical.
  • Financial team must be able to monitor, measure and identify cost or accounting issues. They should have sound forecasting skills.
  • Legal again must be able obtain, defend, proprietary patients and copyrights.

Surgeon leader and survival team. The key is being "lean and mean", that is only have the number of employees and team members necessary to do the proper surgeon and focus on the winning businesses and get rid of the losing businesses.

  • The product or service developers must focus on only those areas that will reduce costs or provide some unique feature or offering that can have a truly superior, competitive advantage. For the mundane offerings the focus must be on being the lowest cost.
  • Marketing and sales must also be small and focused only on segments and offerings that are needed by the customers and can be competitively sold. They too must be willing to get out of segments that are unattractive.
  • Production must be challenged and most likely focus on "outsourcing" most of the offering and only make where there is a true competive advantage.
  • Financial team must be tough minded and focus on helping to improve cost and competitive positions. They too may focus on using "other people's money" where it is available and improves the bottom line.
  • Legal must be outsourced.

The message only have the staff or internal peoples that provide a cost and competitive advantage. 

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