Price Estimator

In an earlier tab we discussed the need to assure that organizations need to assure they have a continuing positive cash flow. We outlined how Enabledoc provides a system to estimate the cost of procedures prior to them being done. This program also enables Patient's to avoid having a procedure with knowing the cost and being surprised.

This situation is negative to both the provider and the patient and needs to be avoided.

Unfortunately the way the payment and cost systems of most healthcare institutions are constructed it is not possible to come up with an estimate. This is how the system works.

Moving the Process Up-Front! 

Enabledoc™ Upfront Estimator process

  • assures that the proper billing codes are being used
  • checks the patient insurance,
  • checks what insurance has paid for this procedure,
  • calculates an estimate,
  • generates an estimate statement,
  • and allows the patient to pay online or in the office.
  • This process also prevents insurance payment issues. 
    • Hospitals or surgical centers generate estimates for everyone involved in the surgery, even when they are working for different legal entities.
    • The patient gets one consolidated estimate and each organization collects payments independently.
    • Physicians and hospitals are able to offer payment plans and collect estimated payments before or at the time of service, which keeps administrative costs low and allows patients to spend less time in the office.
    • Patients are sent text and/or email notifications. “UP-FRONT” enhances patient satisfaction, avoids unexpected surprises and improves cash flows.