Putting It All Together- Integrating Strategi Thinking, Decision Making, Leadership

Preface- Creating, Meeting Realistic Expectations

                 I-    “Seat of the Pants Leadership” is not working!                 

II-    The Proven and Winning Strategic Leadership

        Road Map                                                                       


   Step I- Defining the Business and Segmentation

                 III-      Defining the Business                                                     

                IV-    Segmentation- the Key to Selectivity                               


           Step II- Determining the Attractiveness                  

                 V-      Customers Determine The Successful Strategy            

                VI-    The Value Added/ Supply Chain                                     

                 VII-   Competitive Demographics and Dynamic                        

            VIII-  The Macro- Environment                                           

IX-   Financial and Technological Factor and

                              Overall Attractiveness                                                  

 Step III- Determining Your Real Competitive Position

                X- Key Competitors:“Getting to Know All (?) About Them”    

             XI-   Knowing What You Are Good At.                                 

              XII-  Relative Competitive Position- Now and Future           


                        Step IV- Developing Successful Strategies

                 XIII- Investment Strategies- Placing Your Bets!                      

               XIV- Differentiation Strategies- Winners Are Different!         

                XV- Implementation Strategies and Execution                      

Step V- Creating Realistic Expectations and Communications

                  XVI- Keep It Simple and Focused!                                           

                  XVII- Realistic Expectations                                                     

                   XVIII-   Avoiding Surprising Yourself- Strategy Review            

                    XIX-    The Case For Contingency Alert Systems                      

                     XX-Keep It Simple, Keep It Clear and Use It to Lead!                


                 Step IV- Making It A Living Process

                    XXI-    Software to “Lead Strategically”!                                    

         XXII-   Take Aways- L.A.T.I.N.

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