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Risktaker, Caretaker, Surgeon, Undertaker- the four faces of Strategic Leadership



        1. Managing By Slogan is Not Leadership

2. Leaders ar Not All the Same

3. A Leader for All Seasons is not Possible

                                               PART TWO

4. Risktakers- The Product Is the Passion

5. Caretakers- Evolutionaries Assuring the Future

6. Surgeons and Undertakers- Rethinking Priorities and Viability

                                   PART THREE

7. Solving the Insolvabe: Leading the Possible Dream

8. Solving Client Problems- The Consultative Leader

                                  PART FOUR

9. Risktaker Sellers

10. Caretaker Marketers

                                  PART FIVE

11.Systems/Network Risktakers

12.Production Leaders- The Difference Is How is Made

                                 PART SIX

13. Leadership Lessons of the 1980s

14. Problems and Trends of the 1990s: Challenges and Opportunities for Strategic Leadership

15. Leaders for All Seasons.



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