Risktaking Leaders

Risktakers  are required in two stages of the business/ segment life cycle. EMBRYONIC and DECLINING Growth stages. 

           Risktaker leaders must be: 

  • Missionaries
  • Willing to bet their careers
  • Intuitive
  • Adaptive/ Flexible
  • Dynamic/ Self Promoting
  • Ability to identify a need before others
  • Be prepared for success!


Healthare and Wellness has many organizations that are developing new programs, systems, applications. I will concentrate on those who are trying to solve the cost and availability, not the research and development areas. I will provide illustrations of both those who have been successful and those who have not.I will categorize them by the problems they are trying to solve. I will also include illustrations of what our partner ENABLEMYHEALTH (subsidary of Enabledoc.

Healthcare and Wellness have many risktaking organizations who are focused on major issues. Most are small to moderate sized organizations. The major reason that the LARGE players are not in this category is that they have the problem of ALL companies that are current leaders, namely to are concerned about destrubing their current CASH COWS and so try to INHIBIT innovation and not encourage it.

Here are some areas that require Risktaker Leaders:

  • Reducing the cost of healthcare and wellness programs.
  • Making Healthcare more flexibile and responsive.
  • Focusing on improving care and not just building prompus and not useful facilities.
  • Number of levels of management 

Both Enabledoc and EnableMyHealth provide programs that can help reduce costs, increase revenues and improve overall competitive position in the Wellness and Healthcare arenas.

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