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Rothschild Strategies Unlimited LLC enables management teams to enhance their strategic thinking and management skills. Putting It All Together was one of the first books to provide a systematic thinking and management process to clearly understand their current strategy and determine if it will be effective in the future.

This is a summary of the book:

  • Preface- "Avoid Surprising Yourself!!
  • Step One- What Business are you in?
  • Step Two- Determining Attractiveness
  • Step Three- Leadership Factors and Relative Competitive Avantage
  • Step Four- Developing Successful Strategies
  • Step Five- Creating Realistic Expectations and Communications
  • Step Six- Making it a Living Process.

From the pages of “Putting It All Together- guide to Strategic Thinking and Leadership”

“Seat of pants strategies have proven to be inadequate in this dynamic, complex and global world—so this is what needs to be done to assure strategic success” Page 8-10 2011 edition.

1.     Do Homework! Study your business and organization’s successes and failures and determine their causes. 

2.     Set Priorities based on what is attractive builds on your relative competitive strengths and then, allocate financial, human and physical resources consistent with these priorities. “Avoid trying to be all things to all people” and “Going Big/ Global” for its own sake.  

3.     Find out how to really be different so that you can create a sustainable competitive advantage. Winners are best at something! It is vital that you determine how you can create a sustainable differentiation and competitive advantage. This involves both building on strengths and assessing the current and potential competitors.  

4.     Have the right leader and team. There is no one leader for all times and situations. The strategic leadership team must fit the situation and the strategies. The type of leader must change to meet the new challenges.

5.     Be sure that the execution and implementation strategies are consistent with the investment priorities, strategic direction and competitive advantage you have selected.  

6.     Be sure that the financial expectations and promises are viable and consistent with the strategies. The financials and market results will vary from one type of business to another and from one strategy to another. It is vital, that you clearly understand the expectations and needs of key stakeholders, including employees, investors, governments, communities, and match the results with these different expectations and needs

7.      Avoid surprising yourself and be prepared if thing dramatically change. It is important to recognize that change can be positive or negative and that in either case, it can impact an organization. We tell our clients that is equally important to “be prepared for success’ as it is failure.


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