Let’s outline some of the most significant patient changes in the healthcare industry and the strategic opportunities:

1.   Aging: The population is aging and there will continue to be more need to care for the elderly.

Opportunity: This may mean more “home centered and mobile” care opportunities.

2.   More multinational, racial and religious diversity that will require more language skills, more understanding of the cultural and religious beliefs and more competition from “non-traditional” healthcare approaches and practices.

Opportunity: Partner with some of the non-traditional services that complement and enhance your offerings

3.   More knowledge: Patients have more and more information available to them. Opportunity: provide more information to patients and make them part of the decision process and in improving their own health.

4.   Paying more of their own healthcare costs: Patients are being required to pay more for their care.

Opportunity: provide more information to patients that enable them to know how much they must pay for their services or procedures PRIOR to their being provided. Patients are not use to paying for healthcare. They have had the benefit of private, corporate and government insurance and subsidies to pay their bills. They don't shop or even ask what it will cost, since they believe that someone else will pay the bill and their healthcare providers will only change what it costs.(Enablendoc® provides programs to do this).

5. Willing to shop for healthcare services: Patients are willing to shop around and have become less loyal.

Opportunity: become more “patient focused” and have programs that encourage them to maintain loyal to your organization.

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