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NETWORKS-  To have a successful strategy you need to create systems, programs and networks to implement them Over the last hundred years successful leaders created these systems. For instance Henry Ford created the assembly line based on the work of Frederick Taylor. Alfred Sloane adopted the work done at Dupont to create decentralized organizations to focus on specific market segments. In recent years strategic planning systems, zero based budgeting, sigma, total quality control and may others have been used to create competitive differentiation. This site will describe many of these systems and networks and demonstrate why when they work and when they are likely to fail. 

DEEP BENCH= Loyal, trained, skilled dedicated EMPLOYEES and


I believe that one of the most important networks and systems for any SUCCESSFUL organization is their human resource selection and development systems and networks. The successful organizations have always been willing to INVEST in its people. When I graduated from Fordham I was was a RUSSIAN major in college and originally was focused on being a member of the military's intelligence organizations. However I decided to apply for the GE Business Training Course, now called the Financial Management Program. I had no business courses and knew nothing about accounting and finance. GE hired me, trained me in finance. It include in depth courses and personalized assignments. I then moved to its Employee Relations Program and learned all phases of the human resourse are including recruiting, compensation, management development and even had a FOREMAN's assignment in the factory and part of the apprentice tool shop. 
I learned from a combination of courses, great assignments, management mentors and went on to Crotonville Management Institute where I learned from the best accademics and the Corporate Planner. 

In short GE made an investment in me and it was a benefit to the company and me. I retired early and then went on to have over 30 years of a successful and profitable consulting practice.

If you look at today's world most companies DON'T INVEST in their people and so we have "contract workers", not loyal, trained and dedicated employees.

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