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LEADERSHIP "No Cookie Cutters"  "Winning Strategically" begins and ends with having the right type of leader at the right time for the right tenure. My underlying premise is that the "right type of leader" depends on where the business or organization is on their life cycle and its strategies. 


            RISKTAKERS are revolutionaries, like Stephen Jobs, Fred Smith of FEDEX, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, who can take a concept and develop a truly unique product or service that can last for decades and beyond.

           Risk-takers are required in two stages of the business/ segment life cycle.

           First when the business is in its EMBRYONIC stage.

           Second when it needs to be restructurering! 

           Risktaker leaders must be:--Missionaries--Willing to bet their careers--Intuitive--Adaptive/ Flexible--Dynamic/ Self Promoting--Ability to identify a need before others--Be prepared for success!


           CARETAKERS are those leaders who can follow the risk takers and develop an organization and team that will permit the organization to grow systematically and profitably after the Risktaker. These are professional leaders who evolve change and make money for the stakeholders.Caretakers are required when the business is in its Moderate to Slowing Growth Period:

            Caretaker leaders must be:----Organized and Methodical-----Cautiously adaptabl-----Analytical-----Team builders and leaders -----Not Self Promoting-----Ability to respond to a stakeholders’ need-----Being prepared for success! Examples:Current- Leaders of major corporations like GM, Ford, Procter Gamble.

           SURGEON LEADERS are those who are required when the organization has matured and may even be declining. They are able to determine the winners and then weed out the losers, either my selling them or closing them down. I think most of the leaders today are SURGEONs including our current president DONALD TRUMP who must reduce the size of government.

Surgeon leaders must be:----“Nothing is Sacred”---Willing to challenge the folklore   ----Realists and not dreamers   ----Ability Sell assets at a profit and Find new homes- ----Can take the heat  ----Be prepared for success! Examples: Jack Welch, Jeff Immelt  I Think at GE managers are the best surgeons and I wrote and article "GE College of Surgeons...MANY years ago.

            UNDERTAKERS are those required to close down the organization entirely and systematically sell it off or close it down entirely. Undertaker leaders must be: compassionate, ready to retire or leave themselves, have a willingness to take the heat and complete the task of closing down or selling the organization.

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