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Jeff Bezos..a classic RISKTAKER LEADER!!

Most of today's risktakers are OUTSIDERs who want to "change the world" and have nothing to lose. As I write this message, Jeff BEZOS of Amazon is now the WEALTHEST man in the world displacing GATES. This may be temporary and is probably meaningless, but it demonstrates the characteristics of the RISKTAKER LEADER, that I described in "strategic leadership" page. These are characteristics I described:

  • Missionaries--Bezos is clearly a missionary who has promoted is cause from the beginning and hasn't stopped. He stated up-front that he was not trying to make a profit and has only produced a small profit, if any, from the beginning. 
  • Willing to bet their careers- he had nothing to lose with is venture and so he bet what he had, namely himself on creating a unique retail distributions system.
  • --Intuitive-Bezos appears to have the intuitive sense to be able to change the way we traditionally think about retail and making money. When he first started with the "largest library in the world he was asked when he would make money...he relied that he had no intention to make money..even today his returns are low, but his stock is close to $1000 a share.
  • --Adaptive/ Flexible- Not sure he adaptive...he appears to have a dedication to revolution.
  • --Dynamic/ Self Promoting- he like all of the current "technology stars" like Jobs, Musck are self promotions.
  • --Ability to identify a need before others--clearly a Bezos strenght.
  • Be prepared for success! - so far he has not missed a step...but as he diversifies and grows, he may under estimate what it really takes to be a winner in the long term.


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