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CEO Tenure!

Ten-year limits for everyone in all organizations!


Thank GOD for FDR!!

            Until Franklin D. Roosevelt there was no time limit on how long a President could serve. FDR was elected four terms, which was twice as long as any President. Other presidents had the opportunity. Washington could have become the FIRST MONARCH of the United States, but elected not to become a KING. Grant though about running for a THIRD term but elected not to.

            The second Roosevelt was elected for a fourth term even though he was dying, Fortunately Harry Truman led the crusade to prevent this from happening. It didn’t happen we might still have OBAMA.

            The same is true of companies and organizations.

            As a student of GENERAL ELECTRIC it was normal for GE to have a CEO who served TEN YEARS…this worked well until Jack Welch who lasted 20 years and who appointed Jeff Immelt, young enough to serve 20 years.

            It appears Jeff may be staying on the job too long.

            Welch did well until his failed Honeywell acquisition and Immelt appears to be “destroying” the essence of GE, namely diversified portfolio to concentrate on “digitalization” and “energy”.

            I believe in TERM LIMITS for all organizations. The U.S. President can only serve eight years, but SENATORS can serve for along as they can get elected and in some states this means 30 years plus.

            The SUPREME COURT and many FEDERAL judges can serve for LIFE and in some cases, they are not able to do the job because of age and health.

            Congressman terms are too SHORT and should be extended four TWO Four year terms instead of two year terms…(all they do is run for office and not do what we need done) Limit both the House and Senate to two five year terms.  

            We need to limit all leaders to no more than TEN years…if they can’t do the job in TEN years they should be replaced with some one who can do a better job.

            TEN YEARS and OUT!!


Bill Rothschild 


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