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Background about why I published "The Secret to GE's Success". One of my assignments as a GE Executive was to develop and lead the "strategic leadership programs at GE's Management Institute at Crotonville NY. GE had decided that its traditional "Management By Objective" system was not working and it needed a new way of thinking, planning and leading. It introduced its Strategic Planning system and its CEO Fred Borch ordered that an educational program be offered at its Management Development Center for ALL General Managers and Strategic Planners and a company wide orientation program be offered through out the company. I was part of a team assigned to do this. One of my first questions was "what was GE's Strategies in the past and what worked and didn't work?" I hired a professor at Harvard Business School, Jim Baughman to do this and he created a four hour overview of GE's strategies. Later I took over this assignment myself and taught it for over six years. I left GE in 1984 to start my own strategic leadership consulting and development firm and in early 2005, decided to write a book on this experience and on GE's strategies. While I was developing and writing the book, which I wanted to call "Breaking the GE Code of Leadership" I concluded the acronym "L.A.T.I.N". 

  • Leadership- GE truly had a variety of leaders ranging from the highly liberal Gerard Swope and Owen B. Young who were advocates of Social Security, Unionization to Ralph Cordiner who hired Ronald Reagan to preach the gospel of conservatism. Each turned out to be the "right leaders for the right time" (Though I have serious questions about the current CEO)
  • Adaptability- GE not only survived but prospered during the GREAT DEPRESSION and became a global innovative leader during World War II.
  • Talent- GE led in the education and development of its employees from the apprentice to the General Manager. It was the "womb to tomb" company.
  • Influencing- GE was not unwilling to take major stands on socio/ political and economic issues. It was able to take on and defeat organized labor when it was a dominant force.
  • Networks- GE created one of the strongest financial and management systems, created and led in strategic planning and a major force is Six Sigma.

But GE had major failures such as Price Fixing and major player in international cartels and other monopolistic areas. NOTE: I am very disappointed at what GE is doing now and am concermed about its STRATEGIES and LEADERSHIP...I hope it will turnaround and EMBRACE what MADE IT STRONG IN THE PAST.


Ronald Reagan: Spreading the Message (Page 116) “GE hired a somewhat faded Hollywood actor, Ronald Reagan, to serve as host of the General Electric Theater show—but more important—to become the internal missionary to spread the word of the threat of organized labor, big business and to stress the merits of free enterprise.  The combination of the GE influence and the speeches he gave led to the CONVERSION of Reagan from being a liberal DEMOCRAT to a CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN. This how he described his CONVERSION: “I began to talk more and more how government had expanded and was infringing on liberties and interfering with private enterprise. It finally grew to the point that one day I came home from a speaking tour and said to Nancy “I go out there and make these speeches which I believe—they are my OWN SPEECHES—and then every four years I find myself campaigning for the people who are doing the things I am speaking against. And I said I AM ON THE WRONG SIDE”