StrategyLeader® L.A.T.I.N ™                                        Influencing                           


The key stakeholders are the customers and it is important to understand the impact of the strategy on customers. For instance if the strategy calls for new features in a product or service that is desired by customers this is positive to both the customer and the organization. However if the strategy will eliminate a product or service that is currently used by customers then this could be a negative if it is not carefully research and implemented in a way that will be positive the customer. The message is that all key strategies must be assessed in light of the customer's needs and expectations.  


Communities /Governments

There are many businesses that have a significant impact on a specific community and their strategies may also have a positive or negative impact. Major cities like Detroit and even states like West Virginia have been negatively impacted by the movement or decreasing employment. If your strategy recommends moving a production facility to another location you must anticipate a negative response and have strategies the help to influence the reaction of community leaders. In many cases unions and their members have boycotted companies who move and have even developed legislation and court orders to prevent the move or closings.


INFLUENCING-  All organizations must be able to influence their key stakeholders, starting with customers, suppliers, distributors and employees but it has now become vital that they influence the government, the community and the public at large. To be successful organizations must: Control their own destiny, be "Politically Incorrect" at times and be out front on issues that impact their ability to compete, do business and make a profit. Stakeholders include customers, suppliers, communities, governments, unions and all other groups that had a STAKE or vested interest in the organization.  



We discussed the need to have the right type of talent and be able to motivate, train and retain them. However there are other talents and skills that may not be critical but are still needed to execute successfully. You need to examine your strategy and determine the impact. For instance the strategy may call for exiting a business, a segment or discontinue a product or service line. This may have a negative reaction from employees and their union. However if a business is designated as a high growth and investment opportunity it may have a very positive reaction from employees. The message is to examine the impact on employees and determine if they are likely to respond positively and become allies or negatively and respond as an adversary.