Chronic Care Management  Medicare Program does following:

•       Pays average of $43 per patient every month for non face-to-face care coordination and chronic care monitoring.

•       Patients must have an office visit and sign consent to start the program.

•       Nurse/PA must spend 20 minutes per patient per month: contacting patient, coordinate care, reviewing medical history and documenting changes.

•       Certified EHR is required to manage clinical patient information.

•       Provide a 24 by 7 patient call line.


1. Patient signs a consent form to join the Chronic Care program, which also specifies their preferred call times.

2. Patient data is imported from CCDA clinical summary files or billing data or is entered.

3. A chronic care list is generated from the patient clinical data using a custom rules engine that displays the list based on the preferred call times.

4. With one click the patient chart is opened and call tasks are entered to track the 20 minutes each month.

5. Patient is called and clinical information updated (patient note, current meds, problems, and care plan are updated).

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