Laws, regulations, licensing, special committees are a way of life in Healthcare and to a lesser, but important, issue in Wellness. This is both GOOD and BAD!

        Heathcare is vital to our entire society and it is critical that all forms of procedures, equipment, pharmaceuticals, supplies be safe and that the providers be skilled and responsible in their application and treatments. This is the role of government at all levels. When it is not, then only government and regulators can stop it. Occasionally we find that individuals or organizations are irresponsible. The Opoid epidemic today is a clear example where the system broke down and thousands have died or become addicted, because many providers over used the drug and the Government was not fast enough to respond.

         Governments and regulators often take too long to approve new procedures or drugs and it adds to the problem and even increases cost. The United States takes much longer to approve drugs than those in the Common Market. This needs to be investigated and processes improved.

In addition there may be a need for Governments to study why some procedures and treatments might be provided by "lesser" trained individuals. I think the entire process of training and certifying physicians in the U.S. is too long and too expensive. Why does it take four years of "Pre-Med", four years of Medical School, years of internships and residency. Why can't the process be streamlined for some specialities, like Internal and Family Medicine? Not all specialties are equally complex and don't rquire the same training.