Improving Cash Flows

Gaining and Maintaining Patients

Improving Strategic Leadership


“It’s All About Cash Flow”

Cash Flow is the life-blood of any organization. It focuses on assuring that all organizations (for profit or non-profit) have a continuing stream of cash to pay their bills and their investors.


Enablemypractice™ provides an advanced HIPAA compliant, cloud-based, clinical and billing solutions platform to enable healthcare organizations generate consistent and predictable positive cash flows.

We provide five unique ways of improving cash flows and patient satisfaction:

  1. 1.     “ Up-Front Cash™” –Pay before the Procedure
  2. 2.     “Claims Dashboard™”- Insurance Payments Fast
  3. 3.     “Text to Pay™- Patients’ Pay Faster
  4. 4.     Text a Visit ™-Making House Calls More Efficient
  5. 5.     “EnableCCM ™” Chronic and Wellness Care Management .
  6. 6.       "Putting It All Together©" -Strategic Leadership 


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