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                                EnableCCM - Chronic Care Management
More than 65% of Medicare patients have two or more chronic problems. EnableCCM is the most advanced Chronic Care Management (CCM), Wellness Management,
and Transition of Care (TCM) Solution on the market that integrates with EHRs that support APIs or CCDA file exchange, call center management software, video calling, and care monitoring, so that healthcare organizations easily manage patient care.

Customizable templates allow Care Plans, mini-mental test, depression screening, ADLs and other clinical assessments to be easily performed and added to CCM clinical notes. Custom rules engine generates wellness care tasks and decision support alerts. Clinical data can be exchanged with existing EHRs to keep patient records complete. A CCM dashboard makes it easy to categorize and track patients and the amount of time spent working on their care. “EnableCCM increases efficiency in chronic caring and wellness management, while providing new revenue source and improves nurse and staff utilization.