Helping Employers/ Payers to Increase Effectiveness and

Reduce Costs

Health Dashboard allows Employers to analyze employee results from the health risk assessment and other clinical data imported into the system to identify chronic disease and health needs by location or the entire company.

          Employers then create programs or work with Wellness Companies to build programs to address the employee needs.

          Wellness companies or local physicians can conduct biometric tests and provide other health services.


  • HealthTeams of nurses, dietitians, personal trainers, and health coaches use a member’s health profile to develop care plans and goals with and for the employee.
  • Integrated Lab order and results, immunizations, and prescription module allow Health Teams to efficiently track and make recurring assessments.
  • As the HealthTeam changes or expands, the data remains with the member at no charge. We also assist our clients in developing incentive strategies that will promote participation and get results.
  • Identification and stratification of members with chronic conditions
  • Industry standard health guidelines and monitoring
  • Televisits and Health Chats available
  • Develop and support lifestyle improvements for better health
  • Coordinate Care and Fitness all in one

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