Enablemypractice EHR is integrated into the coding process and order process. Lab, radiology, and procedures
are electronically transmitted and added to the note and superbill. Estimates, claims processing, collections, and clinical documentation are integrated with the appointment calendar to streamline the entire business
and clinical processes, which reduces cost and improves cash flow. A streamlined claims and collections
process integrated with orders and clinical documentation saves time and speeds payment. A Claims Dashboard tracks problem and an efficient method to resolve them.



Practice Management

Schedule and manage patient appointments for multiple providers or locations. Track patient status by room. Easily check benefits eligibility and make payments. Quickly locate available future appointments for follow up or new appointments. Easily pull patient encounter and billing data from the patient chart or other EMR to build and file insurance claims. Claims can be filed via paper, fax, or electronically via any clearinghouse. EnableDoc checks claims and electronically send claims, tracks claim status, and manages remittance and funds transfer. 

Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) allows you to easily document each patient encounter and display information in a patient dashboard. Use specialty specific EHR templates, ICD9/10 coded diagnosis, prescriptions knowledge base, CPT coded orders and procedures, and advanced word processor to build custom medical notes, exams, and letters. Specialty specific EHR templates are easily customize for each provider and location. Lab, radiology, and procedures are electronically transmitted by the EHR. For a deeper understanding of the EHR features, look at the sub-topics below.

Advance Word Processor and Forms

Many EMRs forget that creating notes requires a feature-rich word processor. Our web-based word processor supports the key features of MS® Word and works interactively with templates and voice-to-text (speech recognition). Templates are added inline with the word processor to allow defaulting text and the ability to double click on words to change phases in seconds. This functionality is an exclusive feature that none of our competitors offer.


With Enablemyhealth EHR e-prescribing feature, you can send prescriptions electronically to more than 96% of all pharmacies in the U.S. E-prescribe is integrated into our EHR prescription decision support module and designed to reduce medication errors, increase efficiency, and improve patient care.

Speech to Text for Patient Notes Speech-to-Text applet allows you to quickly dictate your patient notes in your own words directly into the patient note with live recognition or using the built in voice recorder. Save time and money, while creating notes in your own words. Speech-to-text can be used with personalized templates or without them. There is no speech training or software to install.  It is that easy to use and its free!
Live Recognition: With a simple Click to Talk button, dictated audio is recorded, streamed to our speech server, and converted into text. The text then is sent back to the word processor and inserted at the cursor location. Just move the cursor to where you want the text to appear or highlight text and replace it. 

Voice Recorder: When you save the recording, the recording is converted to text in the background, and the word processor is populated with the text of your notes. There is no need to stay at the page; you can move on to the next patient note. Simply dictate and save. The next time you come back to this patient note, the text appears with the dictated audio. A transcriptions can then easier listen to the dictation, proof read the text, and make any edits.

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