Creating the CONTRACT work class

During most of my corporate career, most organizations had the "womb to tomb" human resource strategy, that is they hired their professional and management people early in their careers, normally right after college or graduate schools.

  • They trained these individuals in the way they operated or did business.
  • They weeded out some and focused on those who made the grade.
  • They paid these key people competitive salaries and benefits and kept them to their retirement, if the employees wanted this.

        Over the past few decades this has gradually changed and companies decided it was more cost effective not to have this philosophy, but rather to hire those who were trained, and not gauranee anything.

        Companies not hire and fire at their will, use temporary or contract workers to perform specified jobs and then discard them when it was needed. University now have over 85% of their teaching assignments filled by ADJUNCTS. Hospitals are now doing the same with HOSPITALISTS. 

        The result is NO LOYALTY on either the worker, professor or doctors and their institutions. Some think this is cost efficient but it is NOT. It increases turnover and often confusion.