StrategyLeader® L.A.T.I.N          Adapting to Competition



Published by McGraw Hill 

 A "blueprint" for any organization who wants to maintain its competitive advantage and be a long term winner. Many organizations, especially those in health care, education and often in technology, believe that they are immune to the impact of competition and behave they are "masters of their own destiny".

              Bill Rothschild provides a systematic, proven approach to analyzing existing competition starting with their leadership and their current strategies. He starts with an evaluation of the competitors priorities and strategic direction and then examines how and why they differentiate themselves. He then takes each "implementation" strategy, like their product development, marketing, sales, pricing, production and human resources and shows how these strategies are strong and vulnerable.

              Strategic Mapping is a unique technique that Bill uses to show how and why "NEW and EMERGING" competitors can change the "name of game" and "success factors". In short this book is still highly relevant and even more important today than when it was written.


The current version can be purchased from Rothschild Strategies Unlimited LLC for $20 per book (PLUS  shipping). If interested contact Bill Rothschild at (Discounts available for 15 or more books).



AMAZON can't be beaten if you only concentrate on PRICE...but if you DIFFERENTIATE you can win!

"Low Price Is the Only Winner in Retail- Where are all the shoppers going? Low-price retailers This is an article in the August 18, 2017 WSJ)
It might seem like the most basic retail maxim, but the second-quarter drilled it home for investors: low prices matter. The only winners in an otherwise bleak retail landscape were the ones offering the lowest ones. The success of the low-price strategy bodes poorly for other retailers, particularly those that have traditionally sold the same or similar products as the discounters but for more money."
It is interesting that there appears to be a complete absence of SEGMENTATION in today's evaluations of retail and a assertion that AMAZON and WAL-MART will take it all and there is no room for other retailers. I can remember when KORVETTES and KMART dominated the DISCOUNT GAME...same story appeared. The key is DIFFERENTIATION and if as the article says...selling SAME or SIMILAR products at a higher price it is clear the DISCOUNTER will win, THE KEY IS HAVING DIFFERENT PRODUCTS AIMED AT DIFFERENT CONSUMERS...SEGMENTATION is the key...