It is obvious that customers should be the first stakeholder group to focus on. But I am not sure that most Healthcare providers think they have customers.

         Most believe that they are a humanitarian group dedicated to helping those who are sick and in need. This is what they learn when they take the HIPPOCRATIC OTHER and what are taught in their entire educational process. They are NOT BUSINESSES! They are above this mundane activity.

        Unfortunately those who decide to have a PRIVATE PRACTICE, they suddenly learn that they are in a business and that CASH FLOW, making a profit, paying people including themselves is not trivial or mundane, it is REALITY.

        Most have no business background or even common business instincts. Business was for the less gifted, those with the lower grades and SATs. Many give up and become "employees/ hospitalists" in large institutions where they don't have to worry about getting paid by the patient or even care if their CUSTOMERS come back.

        This is major problem with the entire healthcare system. It is not as common in the Wellness industry since they must attract and retain clients/ customers who will PAY for services rended.

Customer analysis and forecasting changes are critical for any HEALTHCARE BUSINESS and key to being able to influence these individuals or groups to continue to use and pay for the services rendered.

These are some of the key questions that must be addressed:

  • WHO ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS? This requires an overview of the percentages of the current customers to include:
    • Demographics: age, gender, race, in some cases religious beliefs.
    • Employment: companies they work for, tenure, no working and for how long
    • Insurance- who pays the bills. Their insurance company, Medicare, Medicade etc
    • Health records: illnesses, chronic diseases, critically.
    • Addictions: drugs, alcohol, etc
    • How long a patient?
    • Do they follow instructions?
    • Other issues: like difficult to deal with, hostile etc.
  • ARE YOUR CUSTOMER COMPANIES, Nonprofits, GOVERNMENTS ETC. (Some healthcare and Wellness organizations work directly for EMPLOYERS and not the individual patients. They provide services to these organizations employees and so they need to know what we described above to treat their patients, they also have to know about THOSE WHO PAY THE BILLS the EMPLOYERS)
    • Who are these organizations
    • How solvent are they?
    • Will they continue to operate in your SERVED GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION?
    • How well do they pay?
    • Why did you get the contract to provide services?
    • Have they had other providers? How long did they have their business? Why did they switch?

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