CARETAKERS are required when the business is in its Moderate to Slowing Growth stage.

Caretaker leaders must be:

  • Organized and Methodical
  • Cautiously adaptable
  • Analytical
  • Team builders and leaders
  • Not Self Promoting
  • Ability to respond to a stakeholders�€™ need
  • Being prepared for success!

        In the 1950's and 1960s these were called "organization men".

           Most companies need this type of leaders as they grow more slowly. Unfortunately the organizations and the management become more complacent and focus on defending what they have and their "cash cows".

           "The make no waves" philosophy takes hold and ultimately the organizations are unprepared for change, especially new competition and technology. This has been the story of iconic giants, like GMC, Ford, IBM, Xerox and many others.

             Healthcare has been dominated by these types of leaders since it has been protected by Government regulations and laws and it is still difficult to make significant changes in the healthcare system since the educational system, payment systems, ways drugs and equipment are approved is SLOW, BURECRATIC and COSTLY.

However this is changing with new technologies, the rapid growth of costs and the fact that more and more consumers must pay for the services themselves and can't afford it.