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How to Gain and Maintain- The Competitive Advantage

William E. Rothschild


Highlights and Insights to be gained from this book:

·      Winning and competition –the values and successful techniques of competitive analysis.

·  Mapping the battlefield- tracking, anticipating, countering your current competitors moves and IDENTIFY new Potential competitors

·   Characteristics of winners and losers—and identifying “leadership success factors now and in the future.

·  Anticipating and Identifying how current ALLIES might be future ADVERSARIES and Competitors.

·  Using Competitive Demographics to spot future moves and changes.

· Understanding the “current and future competitors” strategies, key implementation plans and timing.

·    In-depth checklists to get at “implementation strategies and the key leaders that will be responsible to execute them

·     “Understand the human side of competitors and how changes can impact execution

·      Looking for competitive leadership changes that can matter to your strategies.

·      Sources of competitive intelligence.



1.    Winning and Competition

2.    Mapping the Battlefield

3.    The Winners and Losers

4.    Allies become Adversaries

5.    Competitive Demographics

6.    The Competitive Strategy

7.    The Competitor’s Implementation Strategies

8.    Strategy Review and Development

9.    Sources of Competitive Information

10. Making it Work- Documentation and Teams


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