Being a Strategic leader!
This site is focused on helping Healthcare and Wellness Leaders develop effective management tools and overall business strategies to enable them to successfully deal with and manage the complex and rapidly changing world that impacts their practices and organizations. 
Note I included "wellness" and not just traditional medical markets and industries. 
I will use my personal experiences and strategic skills as well those of my son, Steve, who leads a highly innovative and effective "Enabledoc/ Enablemyhealth" company.
The site will use the word L.A.T.I.N. to discuss the key issues facing both Healthcare and Wellness and stands for:
  • Leadership
  • Adaptability
  • Talent
  • Influencing
  • Networking

The reason that I will use this word is that based on my extensive experience, it summarizes the key factors that help create winning strategies for any organization and is particularly appropriate for the dynamic situation that faces the wellness and healthcare industries.

Leadership- I believe that there is NO ONE LEADER TYPE FOR ALL SITUATIONS and that the RIGHT TYPE of leader is impacted by where an organization is on its LIFE CYCLE. I use four types of STRATEGIC leaders: Risktaker, Caretaker, Surgeon, Undertaker. 

Adaptability- This requires anticipating and effectively addressing changing customers (patients), competition (existing and emerging) technology, suppliers, governments (all levels) regulations, legislation and other key stakeholders like employees, investors etc.

Talents- different strategies and markets require different types of skills and must be anticipated and modifies as the organization moves along its life cycle.

Influencing the key stakeholders- deals with having strategies and programs to deal with the dynamics of employees, investors, customers, communities, unions and others.

Networking focuses on having an effective way to communicate and responding the stakeholder needs and wants. It may involve use of new technologies or even creating new ways of doing business.

Our objective is to PROVIDE PRACTICAL illustrations of successful and even unsuccessful dealing with each of these issues. We will also HIGHLIGHT, EnableMyHealth™ packages and systems that will enable successful applications. Learn more

Each TAB will be dedicated to these topics and provide current illustrations. They will CHANGE as we find new illustrations of both success and failures so please check in periodically.

Next tab focuses on RISKTAKER LEADERSHIP