Effective WELLNESS and HEALTHCARE requires the integration, participation and commitment of several groups.

  • ALL Providers, including Medical Professionals, Nutritionists, Professional Trainers and Gyms, Non-Traditional providers, like acupture etc

WELLNESS/ HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT must include keeping patients well and not just respond when they are ill. It must be sure that each element is responsive to patient needs and overall health and doesn't do damage. Patients must MANAGE their own health.

EnableMyHealth provides these systems and programs. Many are FREE FOR ALL.

How we Promote Your Services to Employers and Members

         Enablemyhealth provides an advanced corporate wellness platform combined with a patient health and fitness record at no charge to employers or their employees.  

          Employers are able to view employee population health and wellness data across their population to determine what types of health and benefits programs are needed. These assessments can be performed down to the individual office level, but not to the specific patient.

         Employers are able to post health and wellness services their need and have local and nation services companies bid.

        Once they select the company or companies they want to work with, they share the office or members with that company. Employees then decide what level of health information that company can access.

        Enablemyhealth health and wellness mobile application and platform is free to all members.  

        Members are able to search for health services and classes, then book and pay. 

        Members are recommended your services by Emha. 

How Providers can enhance their business and cash flows:

           Build your own professional community discussions to attract new clients. 

        Post custom exercise videos and instructions or use our default animations as part of client exercise plans.

         Build your own brand of exercise that sets you apart.

         Members post rates to Facebook, Instagram, and Google Business to drive social marketing. 

         Service directory pages heavily marketed. 

         Health and Fitness platform that clients can you for free for the rest of their life that allows you to have an ongoing connection.

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