StrategyLeader® L.A.T.I.N          Adapting to Competition

Adapting to new and different types of competition!

Changing competition is one of the major factors in creating new markets, industries and displacing the current leaders. Almost all the innovation comes from New Competition. This may take the form of new organizations or companies who have an innovative new product or service, or a new way of selling and marketing, producing or financing the products or services. We will identify these new innovators and discuss how and why they may be successful or fail.


Published by McGraw Hill. 1984

              A "blueprint" for any organization who wants to maintain its competitive advantage and be a long term winner. Many organizations, especially those in health care, education and often in technology, believe that they are immune to the impact of competition and behave they are "masters of their own destiny".

              Bill Rothschild provides a systematic, proven approach to analyzing existing competition starting with their leadership and their current strategies. He starts with an evaluation of the competitors priorities and strategic direction and then examines how and why they differentiate themselves. He then takes each "implementation" strategy, like their product development, marketing, sales, pricing, production and human resources and shows how these strategies are strong and vulnerable.

              Strategic Mapping is a unique technique that Bill uses to show how and why "NEW and EMERGING" competitors can change the "name of game" and "success factors". In short this book is still highly relevant and even more important today than when it was written.

The current version can be purchased from Rothschild Strategies Unlimited LLC for $25 per book (includes priority mail shipping). If interested contact Bill Rothschild at (Discounts available for 15 or more books).