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It’s All About Cash Flow!



An increasing number of healthcare providers are operating in the red. In fact, according to the American Hospital Association, one-third of America's 5,000-plus hospitals are actually losing money, while another one-third is barely breaking even.” (1)


      This is the new reality of American Healthcare and it needs to be addressed by all healthcare professionals at all levels and in all specialties.

      Over my consulting career I have worked with several healthcare institutions and have consistently found that most of the healthcare professionals would like to ignore this reality since they believe that they need to focus on applying their healthcare training and skills to the practice of medicine and not worrying about running a business.

      I agree that they should focus on their healthcare skills but it must also be recognized that if they can’t pay their bills and investors they will be forced to go bankrupt, sell or liquidate. Many small practices are closing and have become “hospitalists” in large institutions or have merged with others.

      The message is loud and clear!

If healthcare practitioners and institutions want to survive and prosper  ALL practitioners must recognize that they must learn to use “cash flow analyses” and think strategically about how all of the major stakeholders impact their ability to generate positive cash flows.

Further they must recognize that if their cash flows are negative, the game is over and they will go out of business.

To help healthcare leaders to apply a proven and successful strategic thinking processes, I plan to lead a series of discussions entitled “It’s All About Cash Flow”.


Bill Rothschild

CEO Rothschild Strategies Unlimited LLC



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The healthcare industry is in a state of dynamic change and requires the application of proven strategic thinking and decision making processes. Over the past thirty years Rothschild Strategies has guided organizations of all sizes and scope in helping them develop realistic and responsive strategies to deal with change and complexity. This site focuses on helping the heathcare leader and his or her associates to practice the same disciplines they use in dealing with their patients,but focused on their practice and organization rather an individual patient.
Each step of the proven process will be discussed and customized to fit the healthcare industry and will demonstrate have "enabledoc" systems and services can enhance their ability to get the right information and relate it to their unique specialty and practice.
Further this site will help to keep current with what is happening in all of the key forces and factors impacting the healthcare industry and it ability to succeed.
We urge you to use the thinking and decision making process to organize your skills and expertise to assure that you are able to continue to provide healthcare expertise.
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This unique site will provide insights, software and processes to enhance all healthcare organizations and practices regardless of size, specialty and number of practitioners.  As we discuss all of the major issues impacting healthcare today and in the future we will demonstrate how enablemyhealth can help to make it happen. Our fundamental focus is on CASH FLOW since it is the "blood" of any organization and without it the organizations will either be forced to merge, reduce its size or go out of business.