Healthcare, wellness and fitness industries are highly specialized and fragmented and this negatively impacts on individuals ability to create an wholistic programs to improve health and solve many of the health problems. The human body is complex and when you solve one health problem you may create others.

Many individuals are doing exercises that injure themselves. Go on diets that have negative health results. Go to specialists who are not aware of other health conditions and not only don't solve problems but cause others. 

The cost of healthcare, wellness and fittness programs is increasing rapidly and in most cases, individuals must pay for the services or procedures out of their own pockets, while being burdened with large insurance payments and huge debts. The more the Federal and State governments get involved the more complex things become and the costs rise higher.

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Three groups:

  • Companies and other non-profit, governmental organizations
  • Providers including Healthcare, Trainers, Nutritionists, Chiropractors, Oriental Medicine.
  • Patients and Clients

Our Approach

    We will discuss key issues, problems and provide some ideas about how to solve these issues, as well as to provide some illustrations of both successes and failures.

  • Declining and negative cash flows for most of the healthcare providers, leading to bankruptcies and consolidation
  • Companies and organizations facing accelerating costs of providing healthcare to its employees. Need for Corporate Wellness strategies and programs.
  • Patients huge and increasing out of pocket healthcare costs and many of them are complete SURPRISES! Most often the patients can pay for them.
  • Lack of integration between the key stakeholders namely the patient, the payers, fitness, nutrition and exercise professionals. Often negatively impacting the health of patients and not helping them.
  • New technologies and competition that are forcing changes in how wellness and healthcare are provided.
  • Increasing comflict on how healthcare is paid for and delivered. Each state adds to complexity since they have different rules, regulations and legislation.
  • Decline in number of qualified healthcare and wellness professionals. Rise of CONTRACT WORKERS. 
  • Cultural, ethnic, racial, religious diversity and complexity.
  • Supply and Value Chain costs, availability, dependence on foreign countries.