Enablemypractice           Winning Strategically in Healthcare!

This site focuses on two major topics:

  • "Its All About Cash Flow!"

Enabledoc and its affiliates (Enablemypractice and Enablemyhealth) are focused on helping healthcare professionals focus on assuring that their organization has a consistent, predictable and positive cash flow so that it is able to pay the bills, satisfy creditors and investors and make a profit.

These software systems target:

                          Getting Paid on time (Up-front Cash, Claims Dashboard, Text and Pay)

                          Adding profitable revenues (Text a Visit, Enable CCM)

                          Becoming more efficient and productive (Practice Management and more)

Each of these will have its own page and tab.

"Winning Strategically!"

This site focuses on how an organization can be a consistent long term, profitable, cash positive leader. It is based on my personal experience over 50 years as a corporate strategist, senior management consultant, teacher and student.

Strategic Long Term Winning requires FIVE factors:

  • LEADERSHIP- "having the right leader for the right time"
  • ADAPTABILITY- "nothing is sacred"
  • TALENT- "growing and retaining key people at all levels"
  • INFLUENCING- "consistently able to influence customers, employees, governments and other key stakeholders"
  • NETWORKS- "having systems that focus on assuring that the organization has sufficient and consistent positive cash positions"
           The site will focus on each of these key factors and illustrate successful and unsuccessful applications.