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During my career as a manager, corporate strategist, consultant and teacher, I tried to think of simple way to describe what it takes to be a successful leader and strategist. While I led the strategic thinking, decision making and leadership program at General Electric's Management Development Institute I taught a session on the strategic history of General Electric and so in 2006, I decided to update and expand what enabled GE to be a leader over its 125 years. As I was writing the book entitled "The Secret to GE's Success" (which I wanted to call "Breaking the GE Code" it occurred to me that their success was based on one word...L.A.T.I.N..which stands for Leadership, Adaptability, Talent, Influencing and Networks".

I have found this very useful to enable my clients improve their strategic leadership skills and improve their overall strategies and execution. So I plan to use it on this site to communicate how I think HEALTHCARE leaders and organizations and become better leaders, innovator and become more focused on becoming MASTERS of THEIR OWN DESTINY and not dependent on the GOVERNMENT, FOUNDATION and CHARITABLE FUNDING.

Tab One will focus on LEADERSHIP. It will describe how and why strategic leaders must be different for different phases of the life cycle, as well as to successfully implement different strategies. This too is base on one of my books "Risktakers, Caretakers, Surgeons and Undertakers- the four faces of strategic leadership". It will focus on how to determine the right leader for the right time and also the type of staff and support he or she requires. 

Tab Two will focus on ADAPTABILITY, which means responding to competitive, customer and other external changes and not waiting until it is too late. This is related to the content of three of my books: Putting It All Together that describes strategic changes, Gaining and Maintaining the Competitive Advantage that provides an indepth way of evaluating current and potential competitors as well as MAPPING that help anticipate new competition. The GE book will also provide some insights in to the changes they responded to both SUCCESSFULLY and Poorly.

Tab Three will focus on TALENT. Successful organizations must recruit, reward and retain the RIGHT talent. This may require developing their own. The Secret to GE's Success will provide insights into this area, since they have been one of the best at creating and developing the right talent to support their strategies. Unfortunately today this skill is declining and most organizations appear to be more interested in hiring and firing, CONTRACT WORKERS rather than having their own dedicated and loyal talented workforce. 

Tab Four will focus on INFLUENCING. Successful organizations in today's world must be able to influence the attitudes, perceptions, desires of their key stakeholders. Stakeholders include any organization or individual who have a long term stake in the company or organization. These include customers, suppliers, employees and increasingly governments, regulators and socio/ political organizations. We will highly organizations who have been able to set and maintain the rules that permit them to lead and make money.

Tab Five focuses on the NETWORKS and SYSTEMS. These include their internal management structure that permits them to provide and manage the other factors. For instance their needs to be systems and networks to select, motivate and reward their leadership, systems and networks that permit the organization to track and monitor what is happening in the macro and micro world that will require CHANGE at the time. 

Our approach will be to describe and explain these major success or leadership factors and then to periodically provide illustrations of GOOD and BAD execution. Hopefully we will get reactions, comments from those who are Linked In and have their own perspectives of what it takes to be a successful leader. 

A Proven Strategic Thinking, Decision Making and Leadership Process:

Step One- Segment your Market  
Step Two- Determine how attractive each segment is by evaluating the market size, growth, cyclicality, profitability and competitive aggressiveness.
Step Three- Determine what it takes to be a leader in each key segment. Use the top ten key factors and weigh their importance.
Step Four- Evaluate all of the current competitors and determine your relative competitive position.
Step Five- Select the segments that are the most attractive and where you have a strong to medium competitive position.
Step Six- rank the segments and determine your strategic direction..namely aggressive grow, selectively grow, hold defend, gradually harvest or exit.
Step Seven- determine how you can gain and maintain a competitive advantage by selecting Differentiator.
Step Eight- Select the most appropriate Execution Strategies...key functional strategies.
Step Nine- Forecast your market share and financial results from the selected strategies.
Step Ten- implement and monitor..adapt as required



I am partnering with Enablemyhealth (R) to provide proven software and management systems that can enhance healthcare organizations of all sizes and specialties to improve their strategic leadership, cash flows and provide more and better services to patients. These are a few of their unique packages:

Cloud based Electronic Health Record systems

- Enablemyhealth® has a patent pending Patient “Out of Pocket” Cost Estimating Program that is different from all the other offerings available and enables your patients to know in advance what their total “out of pocket” costs will be prior to the services or procedures. This will avoid surprises to them and improves your ability to get paid on time.

- Enablemyhealth® has a Medicare Chronic Care Management System that enables you to receive a monthly payment from Medicare to help monitor patient health and determine whether they are doing what is prescribed. Again this will add revenues and improve patient care.


           If you want to learn more about these offerings visit Enablemyhealth’s website, and then contact me to set up demonstration and in-depth discussion of how to improve the quality and consistency of your cash flows, profitability and patient satisfaction.


Thanks and a successful 2017!  


Bill Rothschild


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